Vuba grid applications


Dig Out

First thing to do with this type of application is to dig a foundation out fo the area.

For Driveways we must dig down roughly 16cm or 160mm.

For Patios or Pathway the dig out must be 12cm or 120mm. 



Now we need to strength the base with Type 1 Hardcore and compact the area.

Once this is complete we can then Membrane the area to protect the next layer For both your driveways and patios. 


Laying Vuba Grids

Once the base is complete, we can move onto laying the Vuba Grids. These are just as strong as a concrete or tarmac driveways surface which make them great for patios too.

The grids interconnect adding strength to the base and keeping each grid aligned correctly. 

We then fill the grids with 10mm aggregate and compact the area. 

Now we can lay the Resin.

This System is the best system to use as there is no need for added drainage meaning it is SUDS compliant.