Tarmac applications


Laying Tarmac

We can lay Tarmac as our base for the Resin.

This installation will take the same amount of time as concrete, however it only takes 1 week to oxidise as opposed to 2-3 weeks with Concrete. 


Existing Tarmac

If you already have an existing Tarmac area, we can prepare the base for Resin application very quickly.

If your base has cracks and has been sinking, do not fear we have an array of high quality strengthening products at our disposal.

These are fast and cost effective products that will deal with cracks and sink-ages, they even add to the strength of the overall surface.



All our resin Products are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) compliant.

Resin Bound is porous allowing water to drain right through. On surfaces like this one water will drain to where it preciously went. 

That also applies for Resin Bond as the surface level will be the same as it was previously meaning it will drain of the same way.