Resin Bound System resin patios


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This form of Resin is the strongest and most versatile of all the products we offer.

It can be laid on any number of surfaces thanks to the innovative power of Resin. It can be laid on TarMac, Concrete or and existing Block Pave Drive. The most innovative design yet is the ability to lay this onto hardcore thanks to a honeycomb grid making installations faster and cheaper for our customers. 

A question we get asked a lot is why would we want this  when we have Block Paving, it's decorative and nice?

Well our answer to that question has always come down to strength. Resin Bound can support up to 175 Tons per square meter! This means your investment is in a system that will not sink like Block Paving, not just that it looks pretty awesome too, with little maintenance required Resin Bound is the future of Driveways and Patios.